Photo credit: US Air Force 1950

Photo credit: US Air Force 1950

NEW YORK CITY – We just finished the 2016 NCAA Wrestling tourney at Madison Square Garden. Now, I am leaving New York City, and our outbound plane is positioned perfectly on the tarmac. This position offers me an open view of a massive plane landing.

The plane’s wheels appear ill prepared for the duty ahead. They resemble mere warts on the approaching 747’s belly. But when these three wheels engage, it is a remarkable thing indeed!

These three wheels, literally the power of three, shoulder 100 tons of weight, gravity aided pressure, and deliver adventurous travelers safely to their destination. Predictably we have our full faith in the power of the three wheels as the rubber meets the runway.

Predictability explains our faith in the plane’s wheels and supporting gear. Tests of the wheels have worked well, and we’ve seen the proof positive with our own eyes. We’ve seen it as observers and experienced it as frequent flyers.

But sometimes in life, there are matters that require us to trust and believe based on faith alone.

Most of us believe in Eternal Life, but we haven’t experienced it firsthand—not yet, at least. But we believe, and we have faith in things unseen.

While He witnessed – and He shared miracles firsthand with His 12 disciples, Jesus gave us a reason to believe.

More than two billion of us worldwide will celebrate this Easter season. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, died for us, and we celebrate His resurrection on Sunday.

We believe in Him, and we have faith in things unseen. Some skeptics and nonbelievers might say it is blind faith to believe.

But, I suppose, that is where the rubber meets the road!