2016-04-06 20.44.31An east coast reporter asked the question below of the three brothers a few months ago. Our answer follows. While there are many intangible debts that we each have to our parents, teachers and coaches, over this Memorial Day, the last paragraph really says it all and To Whom the tangible Debt is Owed.

What do you hope people take away from reading your book and sharing your insight on the way you started your life, were raised, and continued onward to where you are today?

  1. Both sets of our parents paid a huge price through their sacrifices to position our generation for success and we should never forget that.
  2. Show up every day and never give up on yourself or your family. You cannot win the race of life unless you are in the race, and you must run as hard as you can each day. Have faith and lead – persistence does pay off!
  3. We must individually have the courage to step forward and be accountable for our present and future. Our life is our responsibility. We all experience failure and success, perhaps not proportionally, but we believe that one must move forward with a purpose as did our biological and adoptive parents in spite of the odds.
  4. Like our parents, be the spark that delivers a fresh start!
  5. Seven teachers and coaches made a difference in our lives. Without their mentorship and support, we would not have been successful. What our teachers and coaches do every day in the development of our youth really does matter!! We are the living proof! Our communities, at the local level, raise our young men and woman – not the national government in D.C.
  6. Recognize that we all have a tangible debt to pay to those men and women in uniform and veterans who have guaranteed our freedom every day. We must remember their sacrifices. Freedom is not free!