Public Speaking

Why Choose the Banachs?

We’re three brothers from Upstate New York. As kids, we didn’t have many things. But we had love, we had values, we had each other, and we had a community behind us. We’ve worked hard. We’ve strived, we’ve struggled, and by the Grace of God, we’ve succeeded. We’ve served our nation as Army officers and USA Olympians.

We’re husbands in our fourth decade of marriage. We’re parents, and we understand the daily pressures, aspirational dreams, and values required to raise the next generation of Americans. We’re men of faith. We give to our communities. We serve as leaders to find and solve local problems. We’re part of the solution, and our message transcends the divisions of today.

We’re the Banach Brothers, and we’re creating a movement—a movement that goes beyond separation and polarization to the Power of 3!

Speaking Topics: 

  • Zone Coverage
  • Mentorship & Accountability
  • The Words We Use
  • The Power of 3
  • Duty & Selfless Service
  • Values Based Leadership
  • Character: Doing the Next Right Thing
  • Customizable Topics Available!

“Lou was both captivating and engaging as he delivered the keynote address at our event.  His stories of success, in spite of adversity, were inspirational and meaningful.  His engaging, yet humble personality, resonated with all ages.  Lou is truly a man of integrity with a gift to motivate others.”


Brent Roubal

Executive Director, Scholarships, Inc.