Between Sections 2 and 3 Lou, Steve and Ed 1968 with Pups 

What do you remember?

Think back to your youth. What do you remember?

The freedom that you had to play and learn without minute-by-minute supervision,

Pick-up games after most school days with your friends down your street, or

When actions and behaviors were purely right or wrong.

Perhaps the lessons and maturity gained from individual choices, or

When coaches developed character in their athletes.

Possibly even when teachers disciplined and parents supported no questions asked.

You might even reminisce about a civics class to groom future citizens,

And when families ate dinner together,

And communities celebrated together.

Remember the space race, a goal that united our great country,

And the respect that our nation earned across the globe.

When leadership was earned, when Americans were proud.

As long as we remember our past, there remains hope and optimism for our future.

What will your children remember?