imageFrom a distance, and for some time, two sisters—Lady Liberty and Lady Justice—struggle to find their way. They are, to put it simply, lost. Really lost. Their nation, our nation—our beloved nation—is Paradise Lost, to borrow John Milton’s famous phrase. Too many compromises drain our resolve. From immigration to freedom of speech, politics polarizes us. Impartiality seems impossible. Partisanship allows each to look the other way. These deficits in judgment occur more frequently with no concern as to the price to be paid in the future.

The sisters watch in dismay as we lose our way. We forget about guests and citizens alike. The relationships built through our ancestors—the bedrock of our nation—weaken and matter less and less. Strained friendships result in unusual bedfellows. As General Flynn states, “We are the best of enemies and the worst of friends.” Partisan gain eclipses family and community well-being. We pay ever-less attention to God and faith.

Each sister drifts very far from her roots of impartial service. Laws, a barometer of every civilized society, become abused by some elite citizens. Liberties are politically corrected. A product of a split famimageily, Lady Liberty and Lady Justice search for leadership—a true leader, a unifying figure, that will redirect and guide us back to our Founders’ roots. Our citizens know intuitively that this lifestyle and direction are not sustainable. Bowing their heads in prayer, Lady Liberty and Lady Justice implore their citizens to find their way back from indulgence to unity. They hope that what has been lost in our nation will be found.