IMG_0895While waiting to pick up my wife and son at the Milwaukee airport, a smiling middle-aged man approached my car. I put down my Snickers candy bar and, as he approached my car, I unrolled my window. Not mincing words, he got right to his purpose.

Apparently his wife and family were at the airport to pick him up as he had just returned from Norway. But evidently their car’s battery planned to mess up their happy reunion.

The car’s battery was discharged, as were everyone’s patience except this man, this husband and father. In good spirits he inquired if I could jump-start his battery. Of course, was my reply so long as you have cables. With the car restarted, their family’s reunion could now be enjoyed in earnest.

We shook hands and he thanked me for helping. I shared that I was glad to assist and that it was I who was thankful. We often go through our days focused on our roles and responsibilities. Serving his family, however, reconnected me in a basic, primal way to another citizen.

A good deed really jump-starts anyone’s day, and surely beats any Snickers candy bar high, every day!