Uncommon Bonds: A Journey In Optimism

The story of the Banach Brothers is an inspiring journey of three University of Iowa graduates who throughout their lives have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds through faith, perseverance, and an uncommon level of resilience. It is a testament to each of us that the impossible is possible. But this is not just a story about these three brothers—it is also a story that exemplifies the American Dream!

The Honorable Joni Ernst

United States Senator, Iowa


We’re three brothers from Upstate New York. We grew up poor. As kids, we didn’t have many things. But we had love, we had values, we had each other, and we had a community behind us… Learn more about Steve, Ed, and Lou Banach!

Public Speaking 

We’re part of the solution, and our message transcends the divisions of today. Learn more about our public speaking topics and contact us today to schedule a public speaking engagement!

The Book

“All men die, but not all men truly live. Uncommon Bonds: A Journey in Optimism is the story of three brothers who have truly lived. Learn more here!” –Admiral William McRaven (Retired)

Ed Banach vs Akira Ohta of Japan 1984 Olympic Finals

Ed Banach vs Akira Ohta of Japan 1984 Olympic Finals

Fox News Interview

Fox News Interview | October 12th    Jessica Curtis and Fox News were awesome! We appreciated being able to share our story with you! Read about and listen to the interview here.   

Colonel (Ret.) Steve Banach’s GOPAC Presentation

  Colonel (Ret.) Steve Banach, co-author of “Uncommon Bonds: A Journey in Optimism”, discusses the threats facing America and what our leaders can do.  In the first video of this series, Col. (Ret) Banach asks if we are safer today than we were 15 years ago.   In...

Lou Banach vs Joseph Atiyeh of Syria in 1984 Olympic Finals

Lou Banach takes on Joseph Atiyeh in the 1984 Olympic Finals!

COL Banach’s Retirement May 2010

The Army wishes Farewell to an incredible Warrior Leader, COL Stefan J. Banach who retired 19MAY10. View Photos & Media Here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/usacgsc/sets/72157624101170902/with/4624011589/

Banach brothers tell story in new book, ‘Uncommon Bonds’

  "The Banach brothers are not your average siblings. Steve Banach, 56, is a former University of Iowa wrestler and a former colonel for the U.S. Army Rangers who received a Bronze Star and led the first troops into Afghanistan in the immediate aftermath of 9/11....



U.S. Army Rangers Jump Into Afghanistan – Operation Rhino (2001)

  Colonel (Retired) Steve Banach leading members of the 3rd Ranger during a historic night combat parachute assault into Afghanistan on October 19, 2001 as the “spearhead” for the Global War on Terrorism for the United States of America.  Steve would subsequently...

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